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Company Overview

  • Orbytel Group is a solutions company (data, software, & services) that serves the biopharmaceutical industry

  • We help our customers simplify and improve intelligence gathering and business planning

  • We provide five “out-of-the-box” cloud-based enterprise solutions that are easily configured and available immediately (Insights, Meetings, Trials, Forecasts, Sales)

  • We also provide custom-built enterprise solutions to your specifications

Quick facts:

  • Founded in 2009

  • Entire team is based in the United States

  • We provide exceptional personalized service 

  • 100% client retention for 7 years

  • Profitable and 100% employee-owned

The Difference

Deep Expertise

Orbytel Group exclusively serves the biopharmaceutical industry. We understand the business, culture, complexity, and speak the language.

­Through working with nearly all of the top biopharma companies over the past ten years in M&A, R&D, Medical Affairs, and Commercial Strategy, we bring strong process knowledge, “best-practices”, and an appreciation for what it takes to get things done in today’s environment.

Exceptional Service

­Our business started as a high-end professional services firm.  We have a sophisticated service delivery model and our ability to provide exceptional service is a strategic cornerstone of our solution offerings.

Our 100% U.S. based teams are organized in small cross-functional pods that are empowered to make decisions. We are proactive, strive to anticipate needs, and prevent issues. You can expect prompt replies to emails, competent professionals that know your business speaking to you on the phone, and virtually no bureaucracy in your interactions with Orbytel Group.

Intuitive Products

­Our software is the result of several years of extensive research, engineering, and user testing in partnership with some of the world’s largest biopharma companies. We provide a rigorously tested and thoughtfully designed interface for biopharma specific data that is intuitive, feature-rich, and easy-to-use. And all of our products are accompanied with exceptional training materials and services that make it easy to get started.

Mission Driven Team

­Orbytel Group is a mission-driven company that aspires to have a meaningful impact on the biopharma industry. As a 100% employee-owned, owner-operated, and profitable company we are able to maintain a long-term view. You can expect a business approach that values long-term business relationships, measurable outcomes, and an unwavering commitment to building sustainable solutions for the biopharma industry.

Functional Area Expertise

Orbytel Group has extensive experience working with the top 20 global bio-pharmaceutical companies in five functional areas. This allows us to understand your business needs and offer practical ideas and solutions

Corporate Development 

  • Asset screens, M&A due diligence assessments, and valuations

Portfolio Decision Analytics

  • Portfolio valuations, trade-off analyses, financial assumption management, technical and non-technical forecast risk assessments

New Product Planning

  • Launch planning, competitive intelligence, forecasts, market research

R&D / Medical Affairs

  • Scientific intelligence, congress planning, KOL and entity identification, KOL prioritization, scientific collaborations management, HCP engagement planning

Sales Operations and Analytics

  • Sales force sizing and optimization, targeting strategy, territory design, incentive compensation (IC) design, goal-setting, IC administration, promotional response


Our clients include some of the world’s leading companies.

Recognition and Awards

Recent recognition:

2018 – 10 Most Innovative Pharma and Life Science Solution Providers (Insights Success)

2017 – Top 25 Biotechnology Solution Providers (CIO Applications)

2014 – 20 Most Promising Tech Solution Providers (CIO Review)



Core Values

For One Another. For Our Work. For Our Communities. For Our Industry. For Our World.

Operating Principles

Why We Exist

Orbytel Group exists to help biopharma companies reduce the loaded costs of bringing a product to market by fundamentally improving their decision making processes. Lower loaded costs will reduce therapeutic prices, fund additional science, and help the biopharma industry thrive.

The biopharma industry faces numerous pressures: R&D costs, pricing, regulations, political, legal…the list goes on. Over the past several years, various blunders have led to a poor perception of the industry. And while some of it is deserved — all of it is not. The industry discovers and provides therapies that improve lives and extend life. In the US, life expectancy is 20 years longer than it was a few decades ago. And a large part of that improvement is because of the pharmaceutical stabilization of chronic diseases of the heart, metabolism, and infection control. It’s hard to deny that biopharma’s innovative therapies have had a net positive effect on society. And because of this, it’s important for the industry to thrive and continue to develop innovative therapies that improve health and lives.

Most agree that the industry’s underlying ailment is exponentially rising R&D costs. One popular study calculates the current loaded cost of bringing a product to market at $2.6 billion. Notably, the major driver of that cost is not the product that is getting launched, but rather the 8 to 10 products that fail during clinical trials. In order for a company to remain viable, it needs to run several programs at the same time because 80% of its assets will fail during clinical trials. Our view is that improving success rates is the most important thing companies can do to help reduce total R&D costs and ultimately lower the price of therapies. To make sustainable and significant changes to loaded R&D costs and success rates, its necessary for companies to reduce the number of assets they progress from Phase 1 to Phase 2 and most importantly from Phase 2 to Phase 3. Doing this requires bringing together a massive volume of complex scientific, clinical, and qualitative research data together, the requisite expertise to make sense of it, and the confidence to “kill” a project based on their interpretation of the data.

This problem of translating complex scientific and clinical data into action and business decisions is extraordinarily significant. In fact, over 80% of surveyed executives said the number one challenge in drug development is the culture and communication between R&D and commercial organizations and the second challenge is decision making transparency. Bridging this cultural and communication divide between R&D and commercial teams is the key to improving development success rates. We need to consistently translate scientific and clinical data into actionable insights that improve resource allocation decisions (e.g., what R&D projects should we invest in and which ones should we avoid).

At its essence, Orbytel Group believes that the solution to this is data traceability. Data traceability means that raw data, whether its clinical, scientific, qualitative, etc. is preserved in its raw form and connected all the way through to business plans, financial forecasts, and board-room briefs. Achieving data traceability lays the foundation for consistent data-driven decision making processes, organizational transparency, usage of emerging data enrichment technologies (like AI), and self-learning systems.

Applying the concept of data traceability to improve resource allocation decisions means connecting clinical and scientific insights, business planning, product forecasts, and portfolio analytics into a seamless system. For instance, such a system would connect a patient share forecast with market research, with product profiles, with clinical studies, with its underlying scientific basis. It would enable someone to easily drill-down to the lowest level of information to assess the strength of financial assumptions, based on years of analysis and insights throughout their organization and identify any gaps or uncertainties to help ensure the assumption is solid and they are making the “best” decision possible at that time.

Orbytel Group’s custom-built harmony platform implements data traceability within an enterprise intelligence and planning platform. We offer several related, but distinct modules that help companies and teams gather intelligence, formulate insights, and make more informed decisions by ensuring that data are connected together and fully traceable.

Our aspiration is that as the idea and implementation of data traceability takes hold, organizational transparency will improve, R&D will work more effectively with commercial, and teams/companies will slowly but surely improve decision making, improve success rates, and reduce the loaded costs of R&D.

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