A smarter way to generate and manage product forecasts in a team setting

harmony Forecasts

Standardizes forecasting methodology across products, countries, and all of your teams

Users create and manage fully customizable, investor-grade forecasts and valuations in the cloud without using MS Excel

Always Current

Cloud-based, always-up-to-date forecast for your team


Modify inputs and formulas, while maintaining overall calculation integrity


Enterprise-grade, secure solution for your global team. Works on any device with a web browser

Interactive Timelines & Patient Flow Models

Create patient flow models to create market context, connected to any assumption


Connect forecasts with key timeline events in an interactive visual timeline display

A Central Repository for Product Profiles

Store product profiles (target, minimum, optimistic) for all internal products and competitive products

Create Interactive Forecast Models in Minutes

Create fully customizable, enterprise-grade models (DCF, rNPV) in the cloud without using MS Excel

Real-Time Editable Models Shared Across Teams

Provide your team with one, always-current global model


Standardize epidemiology-based patient models across products, countries and teams


Collect input from teams at the data-point level by associating comments and files to individual cells of any assumption spreadsheet

Enjoy Full Transparency and Traceability Across All Assumptions

Automatically track all changes and manage spreadsheet versioning

Assess and Track Risks of Key Commercial Assumptions Over Time

Visualize and track non-technical risks across assumptions via integrated surveys

Easily Roll-Up Data

Create global portfolio roll-ups with a simple drag-and-drop interface

Communicate Easily with a Comprehensive Reporting Package Including XLS and PPT Output

Export charts and dashboards to MS PowerPoint with a single-click


Export live working models to Excel in seconds

With Forecasts we now have an up-to-date and well documented global financial model that replaced over 400 individual Excel files.


It’s simple to use and tracks all changes. We are no longer using spreadsheets for this! Great solution, great team!”


– VP, [Company Confidential]

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