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Partnership Announcement

We are happy to share that Orbytel Group has partnered with xigxag, a Havas Health company. Learn more about our work with xigxag and what our partnership will offer here!...

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A social health network to prevent disease progression

We can now add Jawbone or Fitbit activity trackers to our wrists or even wear technology such as the Athos workout attire. These health wearables help remind of the importance of our health and make us more aware of our lack of exercise, but are they really changing...

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TED: Improve Your Own Healthcare

Be proactive in your health and healthcare – Our Top 5 TED Talks of 2014 that provide beneficial tips to improve your overall health and wellbeing. These speakers present simple ideas towards improving health and approaches you can take  to enhance the healthcare you...

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TED: The Future of Healthcare

The Future of Healthcare – Our picks for the Top 5 TED Talks of 2014 that speak to the future of trends and technology in medicine, health and healthcare. Each of these talks provide intriguing examples of  incorporating emerging technologies or leveraging resources...

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Sensors You Swallow

I recently attended the NexGen Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare event held in San Francisco, CA and was introduced to an innovative and fascinating company, Proteus Digital Health. Proteus is a health technology company creating a new category of products,...

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Blood Tests, Theranos, and the Future

There was an interesting article a few months ago in Fortune about Theranos, which we are now sharing and expressing our thoughts on its implications. The CEO of Theranos, 30 year old Elizabeth Holmes, has a vision to transform healthcare by improving current blood...

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