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harmony Sales


Unify and simplify sales operations, sales analytics, and SFA Systems with a fully integrated web-based solution that removes unnecessary operational complexity and optimizes your sales efforts to achieve your financial objectives

Simplified Sales Operations

Integrated CRM, MDM, Analytics, IC Admin, and Reporting

Optimized Financials

Solve for corporate revenue objectives

Embedded OpEx Efficiencies

Reduced dependency on vendors, consultants, and multiple systems

Analytics and HCP targeting

harmony Sales applies sophisticated analytics to segment and prioritize HCPs. Go beyond simple deciles and into advanced analytic methods that uncover deeper patterns and create data-driven behavioral segments for potential targeting.

Solve for corporate GM or GR goals

harmony Sales applies a proprietary algorithm to solve for your corporate gross margin (GM) or gross revenue (GR) goals by determining reasonable goals at the HCP level by month. By analyzing past HCP behaviors and patterns, modeling your product uptake, accounting for parameters such as cost-per-call, call frequency, and promotional response, and applying various data-bound constraints, we translate your corporate goals into specific goals by HCP by month.

Master Data Management (MDM)

harmony Sales serves as a Master Data Management system – it processes, structures, tracks, and stores TRx, product, personnel, territory, HCP, and other related data. Data can be accessed and exported easily.

Mobile interface

harmony Sales mobile interface is used by field teams for call, sample, and coupon recording, multi-product details, and conducting total-office calls


Desktop interface

harmony Sales also contains a desktop interface for office use. It includes the ability to fax and email HCPs in addition to normal call and sample recording.


In addition, the desktop interface provides a map-based interactive view of targets.


Incentive compensation

harmony Sales supports nearly fully automated IC administration. IC curves and business rules are built into the application and it generates MS Excel based reports that automatically calculate payouts based on goal achievement. Curve entry-points, thresholds, exceptions, spot-bonuses, and more are easily administered and handled.

Integrated reporting

harmony Sales contains actionable reporting for your sales representatives, managers, and executives. Over 20 reports are provided “out-of-the-box” including call trends, call plan adherence and exceptions, goal achievement, and incentive compensation. All reports are available on-demand, in real-time via the web-based interface.

“With harmony Sales, we did not have to staff a huge team, invest in

expensive technology, nor bring in various consultants.”


-Vice President of a Pharmaceutical Company

harmony Sales enables us to constantly assess and focus our sales efforts

which lowers our costs, and grows our revenue.”


– Director of a Pharmaceutical Company


“harmony Sales provides analysis and insights into our business

that are unmatched by any other “off-the-shelf” solution.”

-Director of a Pharmaceutical Company

Legacy Approach:


License multiple vendor products and hire consultants to create a solution that works for your company

Our Approach:


Deploy an integrated solution, reduce operational costs, focus on managing the sales force, and delivering financial results

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