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“…it’s difficult to imagine managing medical congresses without Meeting Assistant.”


– Director of a Global Biotechnology Company

“…Clinical Trials Dashboard provides an innovative way of displaying and contextualizing complex clinical trial data from different sources. 


Identifying and communicating data generation opportunities and risks is easier and faster now.”


-Executive Director of a Global Biotechnology Company

“With Forecasts we now have an up-to-date and well documented global financial model that replaced over 400 individual Excel files. 


It’s simple to use and tracks all changes. We are no longer using spreadsheets for this! Great solution, great team!”



-VP of Global Company

” SFA provides analysis and insights into our business that are unmatched by any other “off-the-shelf” solution.”


-Director of a Pharmaceutical Company

SFA enables us to constantly assess and focus our sales efforts which lowers our costs, and grows our revenue.”


-Director of a Pharmaceutical Company

“With SFA we did not have to staff a huge team, invest in expensive technology, nor bring in various consultants.” 


-Vice President of a Pharmaceutical Company