TED: The Future of Healthcare

by Kara Mitman | Jul 14, 2015

The Future of Healthcare – Our picks for the Top 5 TED Talks of 2014 that speak to the future of trends and technology in medicine, health and healthcare. Each of these talks provide intriguing examples of  incorporating emerging technologies or leveraging resources we already have to develop new ideas and approaches that address a need in medicine, with the potential to ultimately have huge impact on health and healthcare.


Top 5 Ted Talks: The Future of Healthcare


The Future of Early Cancer Detection

Technology in healthcare is a growing trend and this invention not only demonstrates the power of technology in health but the importance of using technology to support what we already know. Everyone has been told the most vital way to treat and beat cancer is early detection – but that’s easier said than done. Still, cancer research tends to focus on treating & finding a cure, not detection. In most cases, nobody is addressing the real need for a means to detect cancer before the symptoms show – until now.

What Veterinarians Know that Doctors Don’t

This talk proposes a simple question that not many ask – why aren’t we consulting veterinarians, who often treat animal patients for the same diseases found in humans, to gain insight into medical care?  After all, our medicines are tested on animals before humans. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz brings awareness to an approach that could drastically help improve the healthcare we as humans receive. Providing examples of diagnosis and treatments found and used in animal care – sometimes decades earlier than in humans – she sheds light on an invaluable resource in health care that the majority of health care professionals simply aren’t leveraging and addresses the reasons why.

The Coming Crisis in Antibiotics

What if antibiotics cost nearly $200 per day, would we use them differently?  Ramana Laxminarayan speaks to this not-so-far-off scenario and encourages healthcare professionals and patients themselves to educate and be aware of what the overuse and over-prescribing of antibiotics means for the future of healthcare.

Get Your Next Eye Exam on a Smartphone

The trend of technology in health is demonstrated with Andrew Bastawrous’ product solution to eye care, and the underlying global issue of providing preventative healthcare, affordably, is discussed. Bastawrous goes beyond offering yet another technological invention to healthcare, but addresses the issue that technology in itself isn’t enough if it’s not packaged with efforts to educate the public on why it’s important in the first place, how to use it, and a connected approach to ensuring it works.

The Hunt for Unexpected Genetic Heroes

Stephen Friend takes an interesting approach to diagnosis and identifying the cause of various diseases by looking at it from the other end of the spectrum: instead of studying those who have the disease, he’s studying those who are healthy – but genetically shouldn’t be. His unique idea not only redefines how we approach identifying cause of disease and how we can treat disease, but his methods have been received by other medical professionals in unexpected ways.