Identify clinical data generation opportunities and emerging data risks faster and easier

harmony Trials

Visualize and compare clinical trial timelines, patient populations, and safety & efficacy data from public and proprietary data sources precisely and effortlessly

Efficiently traverse data

Trial data are organized intuitively so you can find what you are looking for easily and quickly

Simplified analysis

Compare clinical trial data side-by-side easily and appropriately

Transparency and collaboration

Data sources for every data point along with comments and context from any number of team members

Public + proprietary data sources

harmony Trials incorporates proprietary data sources from your company with public data. Combine published data results with hypothetical scenario-based endpoints and timelines to support strategic planning.

Dynamic timeline

harmony Trials provides a dynamic, easily managed timeline of estimated data readouts and other key data-related events

Our comprehensive interactive timeline helps you visualize trial timelines, data read-outs, regulatory filings, approvals, key scientific congresses, and internal events

Trial explorer

harmony Trials provides side-by-side comparisons of trial parameters, populations, and results of multiple studies.

Our clinical trial explorer enables you to visualize trial data including patient population segments, trial timelines, safety results, and efficacy results by various variables including trial arm, readout timeframe, patient cohorts, and more.

Data transparency and validation

harmony Trials stores data sources (e.g., references) at the data-point level. The source files are available for review and download within the system.

Collaborative analysis

harmony Trials enables your team to comment on data securely via the application. This commentary is aggregated to make the analysis dynamic and collaborative.

Data traceability

harmony Trials tracks data changes over time, by maintaining interim and final read-out datasets, tracking subsequent sub-analysis studies, and logging all changes made by users


harmony Trials exports data directly to MS Powerpoint for formal internal communications. Timelines, patient populations, side-by-side data comparisons and more are exported based on your selections in presentation-ready, editable MS Powerpoint format.

“…harmony Trials provides an innovative way of displaying and contextualizing complex clinical trial data from different sources.

Identifying and communicating data generation opportunities and risks is easier and faster now.”


– Executive Director, [Company Confidential]

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