Company Overview

  • Orbytel Group is a solutions company (data, software, & services) that serves the biopharmaceutical industry

  • We help our customers simplify and improve their scientific intelligence efforts

  • Orbytel Group was founded in 2009, is 100% employee-owned, and is owner-operated. We provide exceptional personalized service and are proudly entirely based in the United States.

Orbytel Group - data services and enterprise cloud solutions

The Difference

Deep Expertise

Orbytel Group exclusively serves the biopharmaceutical industry. We understand the business, culture, complexity, and speak the language.

­Through working with nearly all of the top biopharma companies over the past ten years in M&A, R&D, Medical Affairs, and Commercial Strategy, we bring strong process knowledge, “best-practices”, and an appreciation for what it takes to get things done in today’s environment.

Exceptional Service

­Our business started as a high-end professional services firm.  We have a sophisticated service delivery model and our ability to provide exceptional service is a strategic cornerstone of our solution offerings.

Our teams are organized in small cross-functional pods that are empowered to make decisions. We are proactive, strive to anticipate needs, and prevent issues. You can expect prompt replies to emails, competent professionals that know your business speaking to you on the phone, and virtually no bureaucracy in your interactions with Orbytel Group.

Intuitive Products

­Our software is the result of several years of extensive research, engineering, and user testing in partnership with some of the world’s largest biopharma companies. We provide a rigorously tested and thoughtfully designed interface for biopharma specific data that is intuitive, feature-rich, and easy-to-use. And all of our products are accompanied with exceptional training materials and services that make it easy to get started.

Mission Driven Team

­Orbytel Group is a mission-driven company that aspires to have a meaningful impact on the biopharma industry. As a 100% employee-owned, owner-operated, and profitable company we are able to maintain a long-term view. You can expect a business approach that values long-term business relationships, measurable outcomes, and an unwavering commitment to building sustainable solutions for the biopharma industry.

Recognition and Awards

Recent recognition:

2020 – Best of 5 Recommended Pharma & Life Science Solution Providers (Enterprise World)

2020 – 10 Innovative Solutions for Biotechnology Companies (Mirror Review)

2018 – 10 Most Innovative Pharma and Life Science Solution Providers (Insights Success)

2017 – Top 25 Biotechnology Solution Providers (CIO Applications)

2014 – 20 Most Promising Tech Solution Providers (CIO Review)

Operating Principles


Learn More

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